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Do you want to receive scanned books instead of the physical book?

Some countries have import restrictions of some book genres or international shipping can be very expensive for some regions, in which case we can send the books that you buy to a company that will make the scans of the books for you.

– Scans options –

Number of books:

Additional information:
Select option:

How to choose: How thick is my book?

200pgs is an estimate of how many pages at most the book can have to be less than 2.5cm thick. The total number of pages can be much smaller and still have a thickness greater than 2.5 cm, because it depends on the type of weight of the pages of the book/manga/doujinshi/magazine/etc. We used an Anthology as a reference to formulate this estimate. If you are not sure of the thickness of the item you are buying, feel free to select the option you prefer. If you pay for a greater thickness, but the item is still less than 2.5cm thick, we will add the remaining amount as an extra credit for future purchases. And if you choose the thickness to be less than 2.5cm and the item is thicker, we will send you an email charging the difference of the amount + paypal fee.


– You can choose the books that you want to buy to be scanned and add to cart through our store, our system automatically supports several popular stores.

– Add the total number of books you want to be scanned. If you want scans options for different books in your order, add the title of the books for which you are choosing the current setting in “Additional information“.

– Add this item to the cart will also prevent International Shipping being charged. Domestic Shipping Fee (shipping fee from our office to the scanning company) will be automatically charged in the cart.

– If you want to add some instruction to us, add it in “Additional information“.

– If all items in your cart are to be scanned, make sure that the total amount of “Scanning Service” is equal to the amount of books in your cart. If there is a total discrepancy, we will contact you if you have not left any instructions explaining.

– Total processing time is being around 30 days, a little less or a little more.

– Count the processing time from the release date if you have want to order items in the pre-order period, please.

– OCR options is not always perfect. It takes most of the text in most cases.

Attention! You can not retrieve physical books after being sent to the scanning company because they discard the books after scanning them. This service is for personal purposes only.

– Processing time –

– Prices –

💰 Doujinshi Standard
¥ 250per book < 2,5cm (PDF)
Full Color / Black
and White / Grey Scale


OCR additional option

JPG additional option

❤ Doujinshi Premium
¥ 350per book < 2,5cm (PDF)
Color pages are colored, black and white
pages are black and white or shades of gray


OCR additional option

JPG additional option

⭐ Doujinshi Excellent
¥ 800per book < 2,5cm
Color pages are colored, black and white
pages are black and white or shades of gray


OCR additional option

JPG additional option

– Request quality sample scans –

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