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Or does not our system currently support the store you want  to purchase your items from? Use the form below!

Other items

Other items
- In 'Item URL' add the link to the product page.
- In 'Item price ¥' add the price of the item and in 'Qty' add how many units you want to be purchased from the item (check in the item page if the quantity is available).
- Add it to the cart and proceed with the checkout, if you want to add some instruction to us, add it in 'Additional information' below.
Attention! It's NOT possible to cancel after you place the order. The amount paid will be refunded only if the item is not available.
International Shipping is by weight, so even if the item you ordered is cheap, International Shipping can be expensive if the item is very heavy.
Note: The order processing time may take about 10-15 working days for the product to be shipped.
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