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I ordered 14 books from the Surugaya shop. The wait time for them to get the books was about 14 days which is the expect timeframe. I used DHL which was the cheapest and the speediest option. It took only 3 days for me to get it from Tokyo to California . This was all under covid retrictions and I’m glad they were able to ship it so fast.

For the content. All the books are in great condition. My only gripe where I am deducting from my rating is that some of the shop’s barcode stickers were stuck directly on the book cover and not on the plastic. I was able to peel them off carefully without leaving any residue , but it is something to pay attention to.

I love this service because it was hassle-free and I didn’t need to deal with additional proxy shipping on my end. I will definitely use this service again in the future.

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