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【プリンセスコネクト】抱き枕カバー ペコリーヌ 俺嫁32.5/Yan-Yam

【プリンセスコネクト】抱き枕カバー ペコリーヌ 俺嫁32.5/Yan-Yam


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Note: The order processing time may take about 10-15 working days for the product to be shipped. Suruga-ya prices may change due to current promotions, if your order is placed after the promotional period ends, we will charge the price difference later. Any questions feel free to contact us. You can also check out current promotions on the suruga-ya product page itself: "【プリンセスコネクト】抱き枕カバー ペコリーヌ 俺嫁32.5/Yan-Yam ".

⚠️ Attention! Now Suruga-ya offers some items for sale through the Marketplace, for these items we recommend you to be careful, as the domestic shipping fee may be charged separately from items sent directly by Suruga-ya. If you want to get a Suruga-ya item for sale through the Marketplace, I recommend ordering through our "Other Items" page.
【プリンセスコネクト】抱き枕カバー ペコリーヌ 俺嫁32.5/Yan-Yam
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