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Shokugeki no Soma out of stock items 食戟のソーマ

RequestsCategory: RequestsShokugeki no Soma out of stock items 食戟のソーマ
Kármen Anita Kiss asked 2 months ago

Hi ^^

I would like to ask you if it would be possible to restock the following out of stock Shokugeki no Soma (食戟のソーマ) items:
04.タクミ・アルディーニ キャラアクリルフィギュア 「食戟のソーマ」

Surugaya Shop Product

全8種セット 「食戟のソーマ アクリルぷちスタンド 03.フォトキャラ ダイナーVER.」

Surugaya Shop Product

イサミ&タクミ スクエア缶バッジ 「食戟のソーマ」

Surugaya Shop Product

And this one (I haven’t found it in your store)
I have found these products on the links I added to you (it shows me that they are in stock).
Sorry for bothering you with this, I hope I made the request well ^^
Thank you so much for your help.
Have a nice day ^^

1 Answers
Buy Doujinshi Staff answered 2 months ago

Hello Kármen!
We are unable to request Surugaya to restock those.
But we are able to order from these other stores as well.
You can purchase them using our link to other items:

Other items

Anything just let me know! :D
-Buy Doujinshi

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