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Requesting doujinshi: Handmade Family 御手製一家 / からきし傭兵団 真雅

RequestsCategory: RequestsRequesting doujinshi: Handmade Family 御手製一家 / からきし傭兵団 真雅
krischeval asked 2 weeks ago

Checking to see if this is available at this price ¥3,700  instead of ¥9200
Thank you,

1 Answers
Buy Doujinshi Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hello krischeval!
This green side of Suruga-ya, with “katori” in the url, is the side that you sell the doujinshi to Suruga-ya. In case, if you have this doujinshi and want to sell it to Suruga-ya, Suruga-ya will pay “3,700円”.
The correct price to buy from Suruga-ya is “9,200円”, you can check it on Suruga-ya’s own page:
Any other questions just let me know!
Stay safe!
Best regards,
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