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Requesting doujins from various authors

RequestsCategory: RequestsRequesting doujins from various authors
howlingwolfjoey asked 2 weeks ago

I would like to request various doujins from authors that I either requested before but didn’t get an alert/too late to buy and/or new doujins that I haven’t requested it. So here are the lists:
From ワンワンイヌドッグ: “ ブレイハユルサヌ ミツボシメ“, “タダトモがテムジンの種付けを手伝う本“, and “蒼海原に鎮む”
From 犬のしっぽ: KerBROS
From 犬のしっポ: “加護穴”, “オオカミ若頭とチンピラ竜人3”, “ドリンクドラ本 2”, “ドリンクドラ本 2”, “ドリンクドラ本 HOT”, and “オオカミ若頭とチンピラ竜人 Bygones”
And from こめびつ: Thank You 1&2, Thank You 3, and Thank You 4.
It would be a huge help. ^^

howlingwolfjoey replied 2 weeks ago

And also “LION SUNSET”. Forgot to input that.

howlingwolfjoey replied 2 weeks ago

And also “主の悪巧み” and “夜のご褒美” by まふもふ屋

1 Answers
Buy Doujinshi Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Were you able to buy any of those items n the other thread that I sent you alert before?
Because for your previous request I sent several alerts, but I did not identify any order with your email.

howlingwolfjoey replied 2 weeks ago

Unfortunately, most of the doujins said Out of Order before I got the chance to buy them. So in the most case, no, I haven’t.

howlingwolfjoey replied 2 weeks ago

*Out of Stock

Buy Doujinshi Staff replied 2 weeks ago

I will try to send new notifications when I am alerted again. There are times when Suruga-ya does not re-stock many items and does not send many notifications.
And items from Suruga-ya sell quickly.

howlingwolfjoey replied 1 week ago

I understand. I’ll keep tabs on the email notification. In fact, I should probably start on the Checkout with the doujins that I have on me left before someone steals it and making the same mistake of waiting a bundle a third time. (hahaha) ^^;

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