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Request if Admins may be able to locate and obtain the following Doujinshi please

RequestsCategory: RequestsRequest if Admins may be able to locate and obtain the following Doujinshi please
wccarrolljr asked 5 years ago

Good afternoon,
I have been looking for the following two Doujinshi to complete my collection from this circle (Dogear).
I am trying to locate either new or used (in good condition) if at all possible and was curious if you may be able to assist? Listed below are the titles and links for the Doujinshi from another site but sadly they are sold out. Being out side of the country it is difficult to check all store fronts and sites given my location.
“I wish”
I hope you are able to assist but thank you for your time and effort in any case. I look forward to hearing from you and thanks again!

2 Answers
Buy Doujinshi answered 5 years ago

Hello Wayne!
Thank you for your request!

Unfortunately I have been able to find only “I wish”, and even then it will be confirmed if it is actually in stock only after the order is placed in Mandarake.

It may be possible to buy from surugaya when it is re-stocked:
If you want to order from Mandarake please contact us through our email or contact form so we can send the information for payment for the order.
With our best wishes,
Buy Doujinshi

Wayne answered 5 years ago

Good afternoon,
Thank you so much for locating the one comic. Yes, I would like to order the one you have located, “I Wish”. Only thing is I would like to verify that it is “I wish” and not “I wished”, as I already have a copy of “I Wished”. in the event they have it in stock and it is “I wish” I will gladly buy it. Please let me know what you will require from me so that we may proceed.
Also, would Surugaya have any rough idea as to if or when they may re-stock? Thank you again for your efforts and time. I look forward to hearing from you. Take care!

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