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Please help!

Please help!Please help!
Jchong789 asked 5 months ago

I’m looking for Koi to iu na no Kyoukii by Katuyuki, OhNo!! It’s a SeiferxZell pairing. I have a photo of the cover if you need a better idea of the doujinshi.
Thank you in advance!

Jchong789 replied 5 months ago

I added a link to help with the search. Thanks in advance!

1 Answers
Buy Doujinshi Staff answered 5 months ago

Hello Jchong789!

Sorry for the delay!

It was really hard to find information. xD
I found works by this author listed in suruga-ya, but out of stock… I think I found volume 1 listed (out of stock too). And it looks like the picture you sent me is volume 2 you need?

Take a look!
Circle: (鬼子母神般若ギャルズ)
Doujinshi (vol 1):

I can add out-of-stock items to the alert list if you want to know when they are re-stocked. 🙂

Best regards,
Buy Duojinshi

Jchong789 replied 5 months ago

Yes! The first link didn’t work for me but that’s exactly what I’m looking for! Please add then to the alert list I’ll buy them when they are available!! Thanks!

Buy Doujinshi Staff replied 4 months ago

Ok! I will let you know when this doujinshi is re-stocked! 😀

Best regards,
Buy Duojinshi

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