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"mokumoku" summer comiket 92 exclusive

RequestsCategory: Requests"mokumoku" summer comiket 92 exclusive
Born Gold asked 5 years ago

I am looking for 「もくもく」, which I think can only be picked up at Comiket:
The time and place to buy: 8/12 東4リー58a 
If I misunderstood what “request” means and you don’t go to Comiket in person to buy doujinshi, that is okay. Thank you for reading.

1 Answers
Buy Doujinshi answered 5 years ago

Hello Born Gold!
This artist has not yet made this doujinshi available for sale on CQ-Web (where もくもく sells doujinshis online).

You can keep an eye here:
It will probably be added after day 12. :)

When we mention requests we are meant about special requests for us to look at the doujinshis that customers are not able to find through our system.
My co-worker has already made the kind of request you thought, but this time he’s not going to Comiket. :(

Please let me know if there are any more things that I can help you with!

With our best wishes,
Buy Doujinshi

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