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Looking for this doujinshi

RequestsCategory: RequestsLooking for this doujinshi
rlqja7753 asked 5 months ago

Title: ねくすと☆さまぁ
Parody: Summer Wars
Circle: どら猫屋
I have been finding to get this doujinshi. But I couldn’t find any stock since few years ago. 
And after all, The author who made this doujinshi, became out of the picture…
I would really appreciate it if you find this doujinshi.
I’ll wait for your answer

2 Answers
Buy Doujinshi Staff answered 5 months ago

Hello rlqja7753!
Unfortunately, I was also unable to find it available for purchase. :/
It is listed in Suruga-ya, from time to time some hard-to-buy items are re-stocked there as second-hand items.
I can add to the alert list and let you know when it is re-stocked! 🙂
Let me know if you want me to add it to our alert list!
Stay safe!
Best regards,
Buy Doujinshy

rlqja7753 replied 5 months ago

Yes. That would really great help for me..
Thank for your effort 🙂

Buy Doujinshi Staff replied 5 months ago

You are welcome! 😀
I’ll let you know when it restock!

Buy Doujinshi Staff answered 3 months ago

Hello rlqja7753!
The item has been re-stocked! 😀
Stay safe!
Best regards,
Buy Doujinshi

rlqja7753 replied 3 months ago

Thank you so much but want to ask one more question. Is this able to be scanned if I want to get this doujinshi with file? If it is possible, I’ll pay for it. I’ll wait for your response =)

Buy Doujinshi Staff replied 3 months ago

You can use our scans service, (just add the item to the cart + the scan option you want):
But please note, you will only get the digital file. The company that makes the scans throws out the doujinshi after the scan.

rlqja7753 replied 3 months ago

Ok, Thank you so much, Ordered with scanning service 🙂

Buy Doujinshi Staff replied 3 months ago

I received the order! And already ordered from Suruga-ya! Thank you! 😀

rlqja7753 replied 2 months ago

Sorry for interruption, But It had already took more than a month since I ordered this doujinshi with scan service. I’m worrying whether my order is to be smooth or not.
(I thought I had wrote my email address when I had ordered this product though)
I’m really appreciated if you check this about it.

Buy Doujinshi Staff replied 1 month ago

Sorry for the delay!
After your purchase arrives at our office, we forward it to the scans company which can take about 15 business days to make the scans.
Your order was delivered to the scans company on February 15. So the deadline for them to send us is March 8th.
The scans company in these last months are always sending the files by the deadline, due to the high demand of these last months.

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