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howlingwolfjoey asked 1 month ago

Hello, I am looking for “Thank You 4” and it’s previous iterations like “Thank You”, “Thank You 2” (or both “Thank You 1 & 2”, and “Thank You 3” by こめびつ

1 Answers
Buy Doujinshi Staff answered 1 month ago

Hello howlingwolfjoey!
I found only Thank you 3 (used, damaged) on Mandarake :/
I tried to find it in other places and auctions, but without success.
I can add the others to Suruga-ya’s alert list and notify you if they are restocked if you want, but it may take a while:
Stay safe!
Best regards,
Buy Doujinshi

howlingwolfjoey replied 1 month ago

Yes, I would like that. Also, may I also request & notification alert of RE;MIND CIRCUS Post-Party by タカシマヤ ?

Buy Doujinshi Staff replied 1 month ago

I found “RE; MIND CIRCUS”, but not post-party… I’m not sure if that’s what you want to buy. It is in stock, please take a look:
The others I have already added the alert list! Any news I let you know!

howlingwolfjoey replied 1 month ago

Ah, I apologize. I didn’t clarify on the title. I was referring to just “POST-PARTY!” by タカシマヤ, not the other one. Lastly, I notice both オオカミ若頭×チンピラ竜人3 and オオカミ若頭×チンピラ竜人Bygones are in the list but not the rest of the series. So may I request and get notification of “オオカミ若頭×チンピラ竜人”, “オオカミ若頭×チンピラ竜人2”, “オオカミ若頭×チンピラ竜人4”, and “オオカミ若頭×チンピラ竜人*♡*”, and also “加護穴” by 犬のしっポ?

howlingwolfjoey replied 4 weeks ago

Oh! I forgot to mention this one. Don’t worry, it’ll be the last one. May I request the ones I mentioned before plus “ぎんいろの鉄2” by 平成ラヂヲ電機 ?

Buy Doujinshi Staff replied 4 weeks ago


Unfortunately in Suruga-ya some of these items are not listed, so I cannot add to the alert list because their page does not exist, of all the ones you sent, I added these three to the alert list:

“ぎんいろの鉄 2”

Currently in stock:
“オオカミ若頭×チンピラ竜人 3”

Items not yet listed in Suruga-ya:

howlingwolfjoey replied 4 weeks ago

Ah, ok. That’s sad, but thxs for the cooperation.
Oh, I apologize for the sudden moment, but can I request both “蒼海原に鎮む” and “タダトモがテムジンの種付けを手伝う本” by 酒介 ? I had them in my cart for a while but now it said Out of Stock.
Again, thxs.

howlingwolfjoey replied 4 weeks ago

May I also request ぎんいろの鉄 3 by 木林オージ ? That one was also out of stock while it was in my cart. I hope the 1st one isn’t next. OHO

Buy Doujinshi Staff replied 4 weeks ago

Ok! I added all those three to the alert list. If any are re-stocked, I will notify you! 🙂

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