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Looking for doujinshi 女神の叫び vol 6 and 7 (Zelda)

RequestsCategory: RequestsLooking for doujinshi 女神の叫び vol 6 and 7 (Zelda)
bratchan asked 2 years ago

Artist: 長尾山彦 
Circle: 骨法乙女
Im looking to try to complete my series. Im missing 6 and 7 of the series.

2 Answers
Buy Doujinshi Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello bratchan!
I may be able to help you get #7 at some point, as this one is the only one of those two listed in Suruga-ya. #6 I didn’t find anywhere :/
I will add #7 to the alert list, it may be re-stocked at some point, but it may take time.
Stay safe!
Best regards,
Buy Doujinshi

Buy Doujinshi Staff answered 3 weeks ago
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