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Looking for doujinshi ホワイトスター

Looking for doujinshi ホワイトスターCategory: RequestsAuthor "songstressoflightning"Looking for doujinshi ホワイトスター
songstressoflightning asked 5 months ago

Hello, I am looking for this Super Smash Brothers doujinshi, ホワイトスター, White Star is the English title. Circle is のななの. I have had no luck finding it in stock anywhere online.

1 Answers
Buy Doujinshi Staff answered 4 months ago

Hello songstressoflightning!
Unfortunately I was not able to find it in stock anywhere :/
It is listed in Suruga-ya, would you like me to add to the alert list and notify you when it is re-stocked?
Best regards,
Buy Doujinshi

songstressoflightning replied 4 months ago

Hi, that would be great! Thank you!

Buy Doujinshi Staff replied 4 months ago

It’s already on our alert list!
I will notify you when it is re-stocked! 🙂

Best regards,
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