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Buy Doujinshi Staff asked 8 years ago

Add a description for your request.
Put the link of the product you want or provide as much information about the item as possible.

-A link to the out of stock item, doujinshi link on, name of the item and artist/author (if possible in Japanese), image of the item, etc… Any information you have that can help us identify the item you need and search for it.

…And wait for our reply! >_<

0 Answers
Buy Doujinshi Staff answered 8 years ago

We will reply you with the link to buy the product! <3~

Or if we can’t find it available for purchase, we will try to get options to be notified when it is re-stocked somewhere and inform the customer by email.
NOTE: only use this reqiuest space if you plan to purchase through our website. Searching for the item you want to buy and notifying you takes time and we offer it free to our customers. If you use our effort to provide good customer service and then purchase from another website, you will definitely be banned. If you want to use another service to make your purchases, ask the staff of that other service to help you find the item. Be fair.

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