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Gyakuten Saiban/Kenji Doujin Request

RequestsCategory: RequestsGyakuten Saiban/Kenji Doujin Request
v4gakupo asked 4 months ago

Hi! I have been unable to find these two doujins on Mandarake, Ebay, or any stores listed here I believe ;w;
I submitted a request to Otaku Republic last month in July, but sadly they do not have it in stock anywhere. :[ I am using the information listed on their page though + a link to it if it helps any ^^

Title: “KEEP OUT 爺さんトリオアンソロジー”
Circle: カラフル
Author(s): あかつき, えす, めぐみ
Release Date: 2018-2-4
Size: 84p
Information gathered from:

Title: “爺さんトリオ春夏秋冬”
Circle: えすどころ
Information gathered from:
Thank you so much for your time even if you cannot find it <3 :]!

1 Answers
Buy Doujinshi Staff answered 4 months ago

Hello v4gakupo!
These items are hard to find! >///<
Unsurprisingly, I wasn’t able to find it in stock either :/
This: “KEEP OUT 爺さんトリオアンソロジー”
I was able to find it listed in Suruga-ya, meaning even if it is currently unavailable, I can at least add it to the alert list, and in case it gets re-stocked, I can let you know!
This: “爺さんトリオ春夏秋冬”
I was not able to find it anywhere ç.ç
I believe it may have been offered for sale in Booth, but it’s not listed there in the artist’s account.

v4gakupo replied 4 months ago

Thank you for checking! ;w; I’d highly appreciate being adding to a alert list ^^

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