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Final Fantasy 15 Doujinshis by Emomim (えもみん)

RequestsCategory: RequestsFinal Fantasy 15 Doujinshis by Emomim (えもみん)
Anna asked 5 years ago

Is there any way to obtain the following doujinshis from Emomim? I’ve only ever found them on resellers such as Otaku Republic and Mandarake, and Toranoana at one point had Green Field, but I’m not having any luck finding them now:
1) Green Field:
2) Just Be:
3) Kinema Joker #1:
It appears the artist is still selling them at cons, but they’re hard to come by online, and I’ve also already asked Toranonana and Otaku Republic if they can restock but they can’t. As a last resort I also checked on Melon Books and Pixiv Booth, but to no avail.
Their Twitter user is @emomim just in case.
Thank you!

3 Answers
Buy Doujinshi answered 5 years ago

Hello Anna!
Thank you for your request!
I also did not find any of these in stock :(
But the good news is that it is highly likely they will be re-stocked on Suruga-ya like used books at some point. I will add these three doujinshis to my alert list of Suruga-ya and let you know when they are re-stocked.
This other one as it was recently released it did not even get sold in Suruga-ya yet for what it seems. And it may have a small chance of the author re-stocking it later in Toranoana.
So if you are not in a hurry you will probably be able to order them later, but you may need to order one by one.
With our best wishes,

Anna answered 5 years ago

Hi there,
Thanks for getting back to me, and for your extensive search.
You’re a star – if you could have them in your wishlist and monitor them, I’ll be more than happy to purchase them through you, even if it is separately.
Please let me know if they’re in stock again at any point!

Buy Doujinshi answered 4 years ago

Hello Anna!
That two doujinshis were re-stocked!
If in case they go out of stock before you are able to buy them, please let me know via email! :)
Best regards,
Buy Doujinshi

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