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FF8 Crushers Seifer x Zell

FF8 Crushers Seifer x ZellCategory: RequestsFF8 Crushers Seifer x Zell
Jackie asked 7 months ago

I’m looking for all of the Crushers series for Zell x Seifer from Final Fantasy 8. I only found few books here and there but I just want to see if I can get them all at once.

3 Answers
Buy Doujinshi Staff answered 7 months ago

Hello Jackie!

I think it will not be possible because it is a very old series xD

You can try to order one by one… I can add those from Suruga-ya to the alert list if you want and notify you when any of them are re-stocked.

Best regards,
Buy Doujinshi

Jackiexkumar answered 7 months ago

I ordered two of them but please have it on alert! I’m aware that they are old that’s why I’ve been searching for them 🙁
Thank you!

Buy Doujinshi Staff answered 7 months ago

Ok! Thank you for your purchase! 🙂
These are in stock now:
The others I’ll add to the alert list!

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