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アローラの夜のすがた 2

RequestsCategory: Requestsアローラの夜のすがた 2
Cagdas Cetin asked 2 weeks ago

I am trying to complet the series of アローラの夜のすがた i already ordered part 3 and 6 but part 2 seems to be out of stock everywhere could you please help me find it? i would love it if it was new and not used.
Thank you

Cagdas Cetin replied 2 weeks ago

stupid me forgot to add the links

1 Answers
Buy Doujinshi Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hello Cagdas Cetin!

It looks like there is a limited stock available in the Melonbooks physical shop.

We can try to buy directly from the shop.For this special service, an additional fee of 500yen is charged. You can make your purchase through this page:

In “Item price ¥”, add the value of the item + the fee for the special service please = 1285yen

Item price 785yen + 500yen special service “Item URL” =

There is also the option to buy used, but the total would be more expensive than trying to buy new from Melombooks:

Any questions just let me know!

Stay safe!

Best regards.
Buy Doujinshi

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