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Before buying we strongly recommend you to read our FAQ and the complete “Terms and Conditions” page.

You can check some important points below:

BEFORE YOU BUY, please read!

1- How long it takes for the product to be shipped?
Once we order your items, we need to wait for it to arrive at our office before shipping to you.
The order processing time may take about 10-15 working days for the product to be shipped.
This time can become larger next to big events like COMIKET.
Please pay attention to the pre-order items. In some cases of items purchased in the pre-order can take about 1~2 months to arrive after the release date.

2- Please make sure you are buying the items correctly and pay attention to the release date if you are purchasing any items in pre-order.
We can not cancel the order on the online store where you chose to buy your item, so if you have chosen a wrong item or give up we will not be able to refund because we paid for it in the moment we bought it for you.
Sometimes some items take longer to arrive than others. So please, if you’re in a hurry, do not order.

3- About Suruga-ya stock:
Suruga-ya does not guarantee 100% that the item you bought will be in stock. They only check after the order is placed. Most of the time the items are in stock.
Will be ordered the items available if any is out of stock.

4- “Shipping will be calculated and sent later (there items in your cart that is not possible for us to calculate automatically).”
You probably have items in your cart that our system was not able to estimate the weight, in this case the International Shipping will be calculated when your items arrive at our office and charged before being shipped.

Note that the shipping fee is charged according to the weight. If you buy heavy or large items the shipping will probably be a bit expensive. In Suruga-ya for example it is possible to buy items at a very low price, but that does not mean that the International Shipping will be too. If you give up the order because of the International Shipping fee keep in mind that what you paid previously WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. WE CAN NOT RETURN THE ITEMS that you purchased to the stores from where they were ordered and WE WILL NOT REFUND THE FEE FOR OUR SERVICE that was rendered.

You can simulate the weight of your order at JAPAN POST to get an idea of how much it might cost.

4- Automatic International Shipping Fee inconsistency (if you buy many items maybe the final fee will be different)
Our system is able to estimate the weight of books A5 and B5 size, with the number of pages informed.

It rarely happens, but if you buy too many items (such as over 40 books for example) it may happen that the final price of international Shipping to be different from what was charged automatically by our system. If the variation is small we can try to cover, but if it is too much for us to cover we will have to inform and charge the difference ????

5- Return of merchandize
We do not accept return merchandize unless it is incorrect. Items returned to us MUST be in their original condition and packaging.

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