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[2023/03/06] Domestic Shipping Update – Melonbooks, Suruga-ya and Toranoana


We have ended our offer of free domestic shipping on orders over 2000yen and offer price of 200yen on orders less than that amount.

This is due to the large number of requests we receive for Melonbooks.

Currently to offer free shipping, we forward orders not eligible for free shipping offer from Melonbooks to the branch, and then we pick up in person. However, the large demand for this to be done quickly has been affecting our workflow.

  • For orders under 5500yen, 703yen domestic shipping.
  • Above 5500yen, 601yen domestic shipping.
  • For orders over 15000yen, domestic shipping will be free.

In order to maintain high quality work, we will be forwarding all orders for Melonbooks to our office, so that we can meet everyone’s expectations regarding order deadlines. Remembering that we also depend on stores to meet their own shipping deadlines.


We have also updated Toranoana domestic shipping prices, it was 100yen now it is 90yen.


Suruga-ya had adjusted its shipping table in August, but we still hadn’t adjusted the amount and were covering it ourselves. Now we did apply the adjustment:

Total orderDomestic shipping fee 2022Domestic shipping fee 2023 (UPDATED)

We also plan to add many improvements to our website! In addition to a major visual overhaul to ensure a new experience for our customers!

So stay tuned!

*Note: in this text we are writing about the delivery fee from Japanese stores to our office. We are not writing about international shipping here.

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