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Air Comiket 2 in December 2020


Since there will be no Comic Market this winter due to COVID-19, we are having an all-online digital event “Air Comiket 2” instead. We hope to create an opportunity where all participants of Comic Market, Doujinshi creators, fans, cosplayers, corporations, etc. can come together and share their works.

The first “Air Comiket” was held this May, as a replacement for the canceled Comic Market 98. We used Twitter to broadcast virtual announcements and virtual coverage “as if” the event was actually happening.

This time, we will expand the format to create opportunities for more ways to participate, in line with our ideal of being a “space” that functions to expand the possibilities of self-expression. We will also be commemorating the 45th birthday of Comic Market.

Schedule will be:

  • December 21: Opening of Air Comiket 2, “Comic Market 45th Birthday Party” (online)
  • December 30: 1st day of Air Comiket 2 (online)
  • December 31: 2nd day of Air Comiket 2 (online)
  • December 21-31 will be “Air Comiket 2 Week”, with collaborations with online Doujinshi stores, etc.

The current plan is to have:

1. Air Circle Participation:
Circles (self-publishing amateur creator groups) can apply online to participate. We will create a catalog based on genres that can be browsed by all fans to find new works. As this is an online event, we have “unlimited” space, and participation if free (but Japanese will still be needed to fill out the forms)

2. Air collection of Doujinshi samples
Comiket has been collecting samples of all Doujinshi published at Comic Market since 1975, in order to preserve the history of this culture. But, without a Comic Market, the records for 2020 will be empty! So, we are urging circles to donate a copy of their recent works. We are planning put them on an exhibition at the Meiji University’s Yoshihiro Yonezawa Memorial Library. (Yoshihiro Yonezawa was the long-time Representative of Comic Market Committee and an avid collector of all things Manga)

3. Air Cosplay Area
Since we can’t gather offline for Cosplay, we will support at-home cosplayers to get together and cosplay their favorite characters by providing Comiket-like backgrounds and organizing online gatherings. We will also provide intro how-tos for first-time cosplayers. If you have the interest, it’s really easy.

4. Official Comic Market Video Channel
Looking back at 45 years of Comic Market, rare historical footage as well as programs to enjoy Comic Market together will be broadcast online.

5. 45-year commemoration illustration books
An actual book will be published to commemorate the 45th birthday of Comic Market.
We will be announcing more details as they are ironed out. Most content will be Japanese-only, but we will try to open it up for as many of you as possible from all around the world. Let us know you’r thoughts!

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