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Kawaii Desu moved to Buy Doujinshi

Hello dear customers!

Thanks to the support of our loyal customers that have supported us until today, our store began to grow! So I moved from our small Kawaii Desu shop for modern and actual Buy Doujinshi!

I imported customers and order for the new store database. Some information is lost on the way, but I think it’s good enough for you check the old orders if you need >///<

Probably when you are logging in Buy Doujinshi you will need to recover the password, since our system encrypts the password, when I imported customers to the database I lost the encryption key for some customers passwords xD And I do not have access to your pass, so it is impossible for me to fix.

– What has changed?

Now the webshop works faster! Finally! I think many of you have given up on us because of our system was so slow >///<

Our shop is now in yen! Prices listed are now without any fee (unless 8% that are charged by the own Japanese stores for new items).

All our fees will be charged separately in the shopping cart.

Now the store list several shops! And have a navigation menu for each!

The shops are: Toranoana, CQ-Web, Suruga-ya, Melonbooks, Animate and Fromagee

Please, continue supporting our store!

Thank you very much! ♥~


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